It’s New Year’s Eve and I want to talk about the movie that has been a very hot topic lately: Bird Box.

Bird Box is an intense and emotional thriller that brings you on the edge of your seat. However, I found it to feel like a metaphor for life. I know in my life in a much smaller way I’m just focused on survival first. Doing what I need to do so my family and I have food on the table and that the bills are paid.

Bird Box is very different from that or course. It’s far more sinister. The forces at play are much more malicious and the end result is something more then terrifying. But the characters essentially do as we all do when we as human beings are threatened: Anything and everything that can be done to ensure survival. They forget warmth. They forget truly living. They adapt to the difficult new reality and live on.

Sometimes, I think in all our lives we forget to enjoy life. We get lost in doing task after task and make our lives into one great big to-do list and suddenly we look back and realize we didn’t let ourselves enjoy what the world has to offer. I want to live my life in such a way that should I pass on tomorrow that I have no regrets. That I at least can say I lived my life the way I wanted to an lived it well. I hadn’t been doing that for a long time in 2018, but I’m remedying that now and will continue that into the future.

Either way, watching Bird Box made me feel very intensely. Watching people make sacrifices for each other and loose loved ones and live in a world of pure chaos all trying to find at least something or someone to hold on to was terribly beautiful. The deaths were terrible. Watching people kill themselves in such horrible ways broke my heart. Yet this story really isn’t about the death. It’s about those who live on. About finding meaning in what is now. That’s an incredible message.

I’m not going to talk about the ending or even the blind aspect of the movie. Which visually put me on edge the entire movie. Because even if those things are important and have technical affect on making the person watching feel a certain way it’s not what I got out of this movie.

I gained a new perspective. A reaffirmation to move forward in life full force. To take chances and not give up. Maybe, this isn’t the typical thing that is received from watching this movie. I’m not sure how much this aspect is talked about. Either way, this is movie that is a fantastic watch. It’s definitely my brand of Sci-fi.

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14 thoughts on “Watching: Bird Box

  1. Great post. You summed it up perfectly. My husband and I watched this over the weekend. Definitely a very intense movie. I can only imagine how much more intense the book is.

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  2. I really liked the family drama and survival aspect of the film. In terms of the ‘horror’ or the “thrill” I personally saw very little. The blindfold idea was too silly for my head to wrap around. Nonetheless, the film was entertaining. I wish the film had focused more so on just Sandra Bullock’s character and maybe one more or two other people rather than having various people trapped in a house. I do agree with you that the movie itself was a metaphor. I personally felt the birdbox was a symbol of hope in the face of evil 😀

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    1. For me the horrific deaths were enough to seal the horror of element for me. I know if I was in that situation I would most certainly be terrified. But, I can see the blindfold stuff to take on a silly feel. Premises like this can have a tendency to feel a little too unrealistic. For me, I liked it.

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      1. When I first heard about the movie is when I also found out it was based on a book. So that made it easy for me not to watch it just yet, though I’ve already watched a movie of a book I’m really interested in reading.

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