Hello everyone! Yes Indeed, I am back from the dead. I am still a bit under the weather, but I am definitely much better then I have been.

It’s a brand new month and I’m finally going to be back on the blog and writing some posts I can be proud of. Because of all the time I missed I’ve been a bit behind, but I’m going to be posting some reviews I should have gotten done a while back as well as start on the behemoth of a project I’ve been wanting to do since I got sick in January. That’s right.. the marvel universe posts are coming! And they are many.

In the coming weeks I hope to create a schedule for myself that I can keep up with. Being sick has made me very stagnant and I’m hoping to become free of that in the month of March.

I feel badly about not being able to post anything pretty much the entirety of February. I miss blogging and being productive in this way a lot. So I’m going to start off March right and start posting like I used to again.

Thanks for reading! Also, thanks for bearing with me. It’s been a whirlwind of a couple of months. I’m hoping that things start getting better very soon.

-Till next time!

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