I wanted to write this as a poem, but I stopped myself, because really the title is the poem itself. It’s all that I want to express in this moment. To say goodbye to every moment of the past as it exists and say goodbye. Because, my future does not exist in memories and it’s time to move forward and create new life for myself while honoring what was, but saying hello to what is and what will be.

For a majority of my life I held on to my past with a tight fist. All the pain of living a life constantly worried about where I was going to be the next day and if I’d be able to be with my family or if I’d have to face saying goodbye to them forever. I held on to a time where I lived in complete duality. Being one way in one situation and another altogether in other situations. But, I’ve grown up and that need to be afraid and that need to live my life wearing a mask is gone. My past doesn’t haunt me. Not anymore. I’ve wholly forgiven myself for every choice that I’ve made back then. I have forgiven those in my life who have caused me pain.

I say Goodbye yesterday, because I’ve spent enough time thinking about what was and I’ve let myself heal. Now, now I choose my actions in order to start creating a future for myself I can be proud of. In the past, I often moved too quickly and expected too much of others. I set myself up for disappointment and even expected way too much of myself. I want to be successful yes, but I’m not going to practically kill myself to get there.

All there is in life is the present moment. I’m no longer going to try and force something to happen when the time isn’t right. I’m going to enjoy what comes as it comes. So, goodbye yesterday and Thank you yesterday. You’ve taught me much. The future has endless possibilities. I intend to meet them.. one moment at a time.

Thanks for reading! Let me know your thoughts down in the comments below.

-Till next time!

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