My sister’s birthday was on July 9th. The reason I didn’t get this post up sooner was well.. because I needed time to recover from the actual celebrating part.

My sister, her friend Tony, her friends nephew Andrew, and I, all went to six flags on Tuesday and it was fun. We went on almost all the rides because the wait times were pretty good and we all had a good time. It was a little awkward for me at first being around people I hadn’t really met, but it didn’t take too long for me to relax and just enjoy it for what it was.

It was really wonderful to see my sister relaxed and enjoying herself. She was quiet, but that’s who she is as a person and it was nice to see her look so content. We ate some good food. We had some nachos for a snack and some crazy awesome funnel cake for a birthday dessert. We made a whole day of it and its a memory I know I’m going to treasure.

I needed time to recover, because we walked a lot and apparently, g-forces will cause your body to be sore after a while.

Anyway, I love my sister. I wish her all the happiness in the world. She deserves the best. She’s lived a lot longer then I have and I am proud to know her. This may be late, but Happy Birthday Misty! I’m so happy that God brought me into your life. I’ve learned a lot from you. I look up to you and I hope you know how proud I am to be your sister.

Thanks for reading! <— it feels weird saying that in a post like this one, but I am always grateful. I hope everyone reading this has a wonderful day!

-Till next time!

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