In the future, I wonder what I will see?

Underneath my Christmas tree.

Will there be wars fought and treaties won?

Will there be hearts coming together in spite of it all?

Will there be cyber bodies risking it to the end?

Will there be magic with a reality twist?

Will there be horrors to celebrate?
Or will there be trips to the past that we can’t escape?

Will there be stories of contemporary connections?

And will there be other points of view to consider?

I know that whatever it is to be the case, I will love all the books that come my way!

Christmas time is a magic one.

You never know what will come to be until it’s all done!

THANK YOU ALL FOR READING! Let me know your thoughts down in the comments below! This post is a day late. I got a little sidetracked yesterday, but I hope you all enjoyed it anyway!

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