So I watched season 6 a while ago and it’s taken me a while to get around to discussing the masterpiece that is the ending of the show.

From the very opening I was hooked and every episode beautifully lead into one of the most satisfying endings to a tv series I’ve seen in ages.

When I started watching I kept pausing to talk about it with my bf and it was basically me being in awe of how detailed the series is.

Pretty much everything I could say about the beginning I wrote just being super excited in the texts above.

I don’t really know how else to discuss the ending of this series other then saying just each and every episode was masterfully created. Honestly, I’m just going to say right now that nothing I can say about the show will be enough to do it justice so I’m just going to write about some of what I loved and leave you all with the thought to watch the show if you haven’t already. It’s incredible!

In season 6 Bojack becomes an acting professor and finds himself in a place of doing what he loves after being sober and out of rehab. I love this for Bojack. It’s a arc of hope and even though it doesn’t last. Even though the past comes back and Bojack must answer for it, it still was the beautiful and perfect thing that I know Bojack will remember in a good way for the rest of his life.

Holly Hawk goes to a college party and has an panic attack and a boy talks to her and she finds out one of the darkest things Bojack has done. after this her relationship with Bojack strains and she distances herself from him. The person Bojack actually values before himself is the one person who shows that she values herself before him.

In diane’s life she finds happiness with a guy named “Guy”. He encourages her to do what she needs to to get her depression under control. Tells her that it’s ok to write something fun if she wants. I think it’s finally the kind of relationship she deserves.

Then there’s Princess Caroline and just thinking about writing about her brought tears to my eyes. She’s my favorite character and she got the best ending and she deserved it so much. She got a man that’s amazing for her. A child to care for. She runs her own empire and she’s just incredible and after everything she’s been through and how she responded in every moment she so deserved it. She’s a queen. I’m so happy for all she comes to enjoy in season 6.

Mr. peanutbutter becomes the face of depression. His relationship with his girlfriend ends and he finds himself alone for the first time in his life. It’s one thing he never learned how to be and somehow it all oddly fits for him.

Todd finds himself taking care of Princess Caroline’s child and somehow everything he does ends up working out. His friendship with Bojack May never be repaired, but he’s living a happy life of his own and I love that for him.

The second to last episode is Bojack’s fever dream near-death experience. It’s a trip. It’s one of the most hard hitting episodes in the whole series and I felt semi ok only because I knew it wasn’t his death. That whole episode like the rest of Bojack could have a post all it’s own.

Then the ending. This perfect sorta awkward moment of wondering what’s next. There is so so much between these two. Diane spent a lot of time writing about Bojack. There looked like there was so much more they could have said in those last moments and yet really there wasn’t anything left to say. It was time to move on. It’s hard to write about without tears welling up. It was beautiful.

Bojack Horseman is such a beautiful show. I know it’s something I’ll rewatch and always think about as one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. It shows horrible things, but also give a sense of accountability. It’s depressing, but also hopeful. Every piece of it means something. I adore it.

THANK YOU ALL FOR READING! Let me know your thoughts down in the comments below! 

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