Just a few days ago me and my family sat down together to watch the amazingness that is Self Made. It’s funny, smart, full of A+ characters and incredible acting and I adored every moment of it.

The show follows a woman named Madame C.J. Walker and her pursuit in a buzzing enterprise of her own making. Based on the real life woman. It tells of her journey to success and being the first female millionaire in the United States.

This show is phenomenal! Me, my mom, and my sister we’re laughing and having a blast with it. Octavia like always was a blessing to watch! Her acting is always impeccable and everything I’ve watched with her in it has been pure gold. She sure did shine in Self Made. What a powerful and incredible woman she is. Her character was strong, determined, and whole in herself. She moved forward and empowered so many women to make something more of themselves. It was so incredible.

By far my favorite character was A’lelia Walker. Her free spirited and joyful nature was a delight to watch! Plus, her reaction to having good reason to divorce her husband had me cackling. It was sooo good.

I loved her relationship with Esther it was so cute and so much fun! They have this genuine connection you can feel and there was a freedom in it that Leia could have never found in her husband.

Another great character Addie who was at odds with Madame C.J. Walker the whole of the story is pretty much the reason for the Walker’s success. As Madame Walker stole Addie’s hair care recipes for herself. Addie’s personality was a bit manipulative at times, but also I understood her too. I both liked and didn’t like her. Having a grey character like her was really interesting.

All in all this show is something that is an absolute must watch. I can’t praise it enough. It was amazing beginning to end!

THANK YOU ALL FOR READING! Let me know your thoughts down in the comments below! 

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6 thoughts on “Watching: Self Made

  1. I watched it too and loved it! I felt inspired and empowered in the end, which is amazing. It had a bit of everything for me, from laughing to make me cry a little. It’s an inspiring story and I loved how the characters were portrayed. For me Addie was definitely interesting, specially not being from one community in specific. Also CJ was interesting for me to see how he seemed to be so supportive and loving with Madam but in the end his personality and how society conditioned him won over his will. I didn’t like neither of them, yet they made for me the story very interesting. Of course Madam was an incredible character and I wish I had her strength and determination!

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