Likewise is a cool new app that recommends you books, podcasts, tv shows, and movies based on what you’ve previously watched and enjoyed.

I was playing around bored yesterday and downloaded this app. I filled out some of my favorite films, tv shows, books, and anime. The movie part ended up being horror heavy which isn’t surprising cause I watch a lot of horror films.

So it did not surprise me at all when the very first film recommended to me was:

This survivalist horror film “Here Alone” was actually pretty entertaining for me. I was going to finish watching no matter what just cause I liked the idea of the app and was curious if it’d pick something off the bat I’d enjoy and it was pretty decent. Very on the nose for the pandemic that’s going on right now, except to a far more extreme level. Definitely not something you want to watch if you are desiring escapism.

But, it was cool. It had its twists. It was definitely scary. I was kept on the edge of my seat. I do think the trailer gives a bit too much away, but it does show the main reasons why the story is worth watching.

The story is about hopelessness and desperation and what you do in a terrible situation to keep on living. It’s about family and the very fleeting nature of joy in a situation like this one. Also, it’s about how messed up you can get when death is around the corner at every moment staring you in the face at every waking moment.

If you like survival horror I highly recommend you watch this one. It definitely does fall into the category of bird box and a quiet place which was why this movie was recommended to me.

Best part is I got to watch “Here Alone” on Tubi which was completely free. (This is not sponsored) I just think it’s cool. I liked that I found a new streaming service I liked through ‘Like Wise’.

All in all, this all was a really fun experience and I’ll definitely continue using the app and talking about the shows I find through here I probably wouldn’t have known about or tried otherwise.

THANK YOU ALL FOR READING! Let me know your thoughts down in the comments below! 

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