House of El: Book One: The Shadow Threat by Claudia Gray

Illustrated by. Eric Zawadzki

My Rating: 4 stars!

Cover Rating: 10/10 the art is stunning! Perfect art style for this story I adore all the art!

Publisher: DC Comics

Publish Date: January 5th, 2021

Number of Pages: 208

Received: DC Comics provided a physical copy in exchange for an honest review.

Purchase: Amazon


Welcome to a brand-new vision of one of comics’ most famous tragedies from New York Times bestselling author Claudia Gray and illustrator Eric Zawadzki. In this first graphic novel in a trilogy, explore Krypton like never before: through the eyes of two teenagers on opposite sides of the same extinction-level event.

Zahn is one of Krypton’s elites: wealthy, privileged, a future leader. Sera is one of Krypton’s soldiers: strong, dedicated, fearless. Their rule-bound society has ordained that their paths should never cross. 

But groundquakes are shaking the planet’s surface. Rebellious uprisings are shaking the populace. Krypton’s top scientists–Jor-El and Lara–conduct a secret experiment that is meant to reform their planet from the cellular level up. Zahn and Sera must join forces to investigate the hidden dangers truly threatening Krypton. In the process, they form a bond that will endure past the end of the world…

Opening Sentence: “Wake up!”

Musings: As someone who has never read any Superman comics and has not watched Superman since I was a kid, I liked that I could still gain a sense of the world and an understanding of events in an easy way. The beautiful art helps immensely and paints the picture of an advanced world that has lost the value of emotion allowing growth and change in society. Everyone is made perfect and emotionless. A cool and calculated mind.

What I Loved:

The idea of the world. This is a society that has progressed so far that minds are made so perfect there is no desire to progress. Due to this, the rich live a life that doesn’t acknowledge that the world is unstable and falling apart. In order to fix this, experiments to give back emotions to a select few begin and through contrast these people find the desire to search for solutions to fix the world they live in that is beginning to break apart.

The art. There’s so much color and action on every page. It depicts the desperation of the world lived in and the comfort of the Rich’s lives. It’s beautiful and I love it.

All in all:

This comic is the start of a fun, action-filled adventure. I’m excited to see how Zahn and Sera band together in order to help save their world and restore their humanity along with it.

THANK YOU ALL FOR READING! Let me know your thoughts down in the comments below! 

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