Today I thought it would be fun to begin a brand new blog series detailing my thoughts on each episode of one of the most detailed, deep, and beautiful shows out there BoJack Horseman. When I first watched it I realized just how much there is to look at within it and over time I fell deeply in love with all of the characters and the nuances and struggle the show portrays.

So without further ado, let’s talk BoJack!

Episode 1: BoJack Horseman: The BoJack Horseman Story, Chapter One

Opening Scene:

BoJack opens with a snapshot of what made BoJack a famous actor: The BoJack Horseman show. A feel good family tv show about the bachelor BoJack taking care and raising three young girls. When I think back there’s no way I could’ve anticipated the deep, hard hitting show I got just from this very clear basic opening. The perfect set up to get into what will be one hell of a ride.

Favorite part of the episode:A flashback of BoJack and Princess Caroline where they are walking down the street and see a baby and Caroline says how cute the baby is and BoJack bolts out of there like the flash. The baby in the stroller is knocked over and everyone’s looking to where BoJack went going what the hell.

Best lines:

“I don’t know how you can expect anyone to love you when you so clearly hate yourself.” Princes Caroline to BoJack

“He’s so stupid, He doesn’t realize how miserable he should be. I envy that.” BoJack to Diane about Mr. Peanutbutter


The beginning interview: Right away you get a sense of who BoJack is as a person. He is drunk, he parked in the handicap parking, he thinks all of that is normal, and he thinks he’s pulling off an incredible interview. His inflated ego and lack of awareness of the reality of situations is already there in full force. BoJack is a washed up actor with a deep longing for the height of his career and will defend that time of his life to the very end.

First scene with Todd: First of all Todd is a sweet bean and I love him. Secondly, immediately BoJacks poor view and lack of care for Todd is shown. BoJack is blending a Vodka drink for himself first thing in the morning and talking to Todd about him being a parasite.

First discussion with Penguin about BoJack’s Memoir: BoJack has been trying to write a book about himself for the longest time and he blows off all his deadlines. This detailing his irresponsibility. BoJack doesn’t want a ghost writer and says he wants to do everything himself, but instead he is drinking and watching reruns of his old show. I can’t get over how details of a character he becomes already even though this is only 5 minutes into the show.

First scene with Princess Caroline: One of the many times Princess Caroline break up with BoJack. Immediately, it is apparent why she’d want to break up with him. He is acting Ike an asshole and in a flashback you she him cheating on her.

Mr.Peanut-butter intrudes on first scene with Princess Caroline: The first instance of the long running joke of “What’s this? A crossover episode?”, happens. BoJack of course is not happy. Mr.Peanutbutter always tries to make friends with BoJack and BoJack just really doesn’t like him.

Princess Caroline flipping to agent mode after breaking up with BoJack: This I the career tie that keeps Princess Carline attached toBoJack as she tries her best to find him work and prove herself to be one hell of an agent.

BoJack having the saddest breakdown. This is where you realize how heavy the show is. When BoJack comes to his senses and realizes that he’s a washed up actor that no one likes and he hasn’t been able to achieve any more oof his new dreams or desires.

BoJack gets a ghostwriter for his memoir: I love Diane. She’s so awkward and adorable and knowing what comes later it’s real bittersweet watching this first meeting between her and BoJack. Diane bring out the truth of BoJack: His envy of Mr. Peanutbutter, what he feels about himself and life and misery, how he knows he can’t bear the responsibility of his own happiness. Just one of the deepest and realist conversations with BoJack you can get.

The layering already with Todd throwing a Quinceañera for a mafia man’s teenage daughter. Todd has this lush life and backstory and just this underlying story within this how that quietly reveals itself is truly amazing.

End Scene: BoJack finds out Diane and Mr. Peanutbutter are dating and throws up a lot. A cheeky and fun end to the episode.

All in All:

I love this show so much. The fact that I could write all this detail from just the first episode is astounding and this doesn’t even include everything I could have said. I can’t wait to continue my rewatch this amazing series and detailing what makes it sodamn special for all of you.

THANK YOU ALL FOR READING! Let me know your thoughts down in the comments below! 

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