It’s time to continue the wonderful saga and watch BoJack Horseman: Season 1, Episode 2! It’s been a wonderful morning so far and I am so happy to be writing about one of the most impactful tv shows I’ve ever watched.

Episode 2: BoJack Horseman: BoJack Hates the Troops

Opening Scene: BoJack is sitting depressed in a bar. The Pelican bartender pours him a drink and tells him to say when and he says it after much of the drink is spilled all over the table. a blonde girl makes fun of him as she recognizes him from his show and sees how sad he looks. He confronts her and tells her how horrible she is, but later ends up sleeping with her. It’s very clear that BoJack has trouble making good decisions for himself.

Favorite part of the episode: BoJack talking to Diane about having a “Normal Childhood” and starting to show signs of discomfort and panic telling immediately that his childhood was not so great. Then, Princess Caroline calls and tells him to watch the news because they are talking about him and he runs from Diane immediately as he’d rather not face his past. Of course the news about him is terrible. The seal from earlier is a veteran and apparently “Just wanted his favorite muffins” and BoJack didn’t care and didn’t respect his dibs.

BoJack calls in on the news story to “set the record straight” and ends up sounding way worse. He ate all 12 muffins because he is sad and hates himself and admits it on live tv. Somehow this show perfectly captures that line of hilarity and deep sadness. Looking from the outside you can sense just how far removed from a sense of joy BoJack is. Even so soon you feel a way to recovery may not even be possible for him. As much as it is wished for.

Best Lines: “For to me, there is nothing the least bit funny about stealing a meal from Neal McBeal the Navy Seal.” (Whale blows water out of his blow hole in anger)-Whale news anchor

“I’m sure a lot of the troops are Jerks! Most people are jerks already and it’s not like giving a jerk a fun and telling them it’s ok to kill people suddenly turns that jerk into a hero!”-BoJack on the news

“BoJack Horseman makes me sick. He voiced his opinion even though it was unpopular and that’s the most cowardly thing a person can do.” A bear on the news

“Troops are all hero’s. Every single one. And I don’t believe saying that cheapens the word and actuality disrespects those we mean to honor by turning real people into political pawns. Also, I am not deeply ambivalent about a seemingly mandated celebration of our military by a nation that claims to value peace, telling our children that violence is never the answer, while refusing to hold our own government to the same standard. Furthermore, I do not find it unbelievably appropriate that this conversation is taking place on reality television. A genre which thrives on chopping up the complexities of our era into easily digestible chunks of empty catch phrases!” -BoJack


The email BoJack writes to Diane. He asks her to come to the apartment early saying he’s on horse tranquilizers and he’s drunk and alone and ends up falling asleep. She still comes in spite of how much of an obvious mess he is.

Little joke insert. Two dogs talking about loving chocolate even though it could kill them.

Beef between BoJack and an Seal over apple muffins. A seal makes a big deal about how he had dibs and just left the muffin in the produce aisle because he needed to go to the bathroom. Just the childishness of the fighting here brought me a sense of laughter and joy.

BoJack once again treating Todd like he doesn’t matter. Todd talks about how well his online date from earlier on went and BoJack completely brushes him off. If BoJack was a good friend, Todd’s comment about this foreign girls interest in American bank routing numbers would have been a huge red flag to tell his friend that maybe this girl isn’t someone he should get involved with. Especially once he’s only known her twelve hours and she wants a framed picture of his mother’s maiden name.

BoJack being a good friend to Diane. When Diane talks BoJack relaxes and listens to what she has to say. They have a genuine conversation about Diane enjoying going on the roof with her dad to see the stars. Sadly, BoJack remembers a time with his father and takes off again.

BoJack somehow saves himself. On Mr.Peanutbutter’s reality show the seal comes to meet BoJack to receive his apology. An apology that BoJack somehow makes up well when Todd gives him state hamburger buns to give to the seal. But, then backpedaling with facts.

End Scene:

BoJack takes on the roof again with Diane and finally decides to open up about his real childhood. His dad was a drunk and a failed novelist and his mother an heiress to the sugar cube fortune. Finally Diane is getting information to start writing a proper memoir about BoJack.

All in All:

I am amazed with how deep the show goes to discuss the flaws of the military in such an early episode and as a major sub-plot in the story of this episode. Even the minor sub-plot of Todd being scammed was amazing. There is so much amazing detail in this story and I adore it.

THANK YOU ALL FOR READING! Let me know your thoughts down in the comments below! 

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