When I decided it was time for me to write again, I was looking at some of my old ideas and there are many and I couldn’t bring myself to write any of them. I felt too far detached from what I originally wanted those stories to become and I didn’t feel a pull towards any of them. So, I decided it was time for something completely different to begin.

At first, I felt I was at a loss. I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to write about, but then I was taking a shower and relaxing and *boom* brand new baby idea in the form of this gorgeous artwork image in my head.

This was something I could work with. I was intrigued by this image. Who was the person in this mental image? How did they connect to others and how did others perceive them? A lot of the most basic of questions. Not even a plot so much as an idea of a person I wanted to write about.

Finally, I was excited! I have this little seed of an idea and I’m watering and nurturing it little by little. Right now it is still an idea. So much about it to be explored and it can become anything! I am not yet ready to start drafting just pondering it and writing little things about it as things come to my mind.

It feels right. It feels exciting and new and like coming home, but also honoring that I am like a brand new writer now since it has been so long. So here I am at this new beginning. The place all books begin. Beginning like I’ve never done so before and I plan on giving every single moment of the journey my all.

THANK YOU ALL FOR READING! Let me know your thoughts down in the comments below! 

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6 thoughts on “Writing A New Book from Scratch

  1. It truly is exciting when that idea seems to come out of nowhere. For me, I have to immediately find something to write with, anything will do at the moment, to scratch the ideas down before they fade from my mind.

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