A Month Without Complaining

I have noticed that I do a fair bit of complaining. That sometimes, I’ll get so upset that that’s all I’ll talk about are things that don’t feel good to me. I want to see if by challenging myself to be more positive and to not being a focus on something discomforting that I’ll be able to more often discuss and focus on the things that do feel good.

I want to see how my life changes if anything at all changes in the next 30 days. Just keeping in mind in each moment to focus on what’s good about a situation. To ease the way I converse with others. I’m curious about how my relationships will change too. If things will become more playful or just feel better in general.

It’ll be an interesting experiment. So from now on to March 20th I will not complain. And if I do a little at least I’ll make a conscious effort to stop and change the way I’m talking about whatever I’m talking about in a more positive way.

I’ll track how my day went over the next 30 days and how things feel. Name the good things. Talk about if I slipped up or if I’m doing particularly well about it. It’ll be a good challenge for my mental health.

THANK YOU ALL FOR READING! Let me know your thoughts down in the comments below! 

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Good Morning to All!

Good morning everyone! It may or may not be morning when your reading this, but as I’m writing this it’s 7:23 am, and so, it’s a good morning from me.

I have decided that today, March 11th, 2020, is the day that I get back to an old routine of productivity that works for me. I wake up everyday at 5:30. Do my yoga and take a shower. Get ready to tackle the day. Then I write.

This schedule allows me to be incredibly productive. I can write a lot. I can read more. It allows me the ability to be fully present later in the day not worrying about getting anything else done, because I tackled it first thing in the morning. It’s one of the most successful routines I’ve ever had.

In the recent weeks and since the beginning of this year really, I’ve felt the most free I’ve been in my entire life. I’ve found my joy. Something I’ve been basking in and feeling wonderful about for a long while. Now, I’m adding in productivity. Taking care of myself in a better way has been accomplished. It’s now time to be passionate. To get up everyday and to do the things I love to do. To become more the woman I know that I can be. Someone strong, goal-oriented, who steadily does the things she loves, and who allows herself to evolve a bit every single day.

So to everyone I say good morning! Each and everyday is a new one. The ability to create a new way for yourself is available each and everyday. All you have to do is decide and then start.

THANK YOU ALL FOR READING! Let me know your thoughts down in the comments below! 

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Check out The Book Raven Poetry website

Checkout The Book Raven Poetry Instagramand Twitter

Check out the Sisters of Twilight website.

Signing Off Habitica: A Major Change

Recently, I’ve been having the time of my life. The world looks so different to me now, but it isn’t the world that’s changed it’s me. I’ve changed. Or what I should say is I’ve changed back. I am back to my roots. To who I am at the very core of myself and that’s been something really incredible.

A while back I made a post about this amazing app called Habitica. I used it religiously and it helped me stay on track. See my problem for a long time was apathy. I was stuck in my own brain thinking nothing was going to become of me. I was in a situation (still am in a situation) that wasn’t my fault, but I had no choice in it. I thought my life had always been kinda like that. A series of unfortunate events (I need to read that series). I thought it was always going to be that way. So I gave up on myself. I had my passions, but I decided not to partake in them. I was a shell of a person. I let what I couldn’t control, control me.

It took a LONG time, but I looked at myself in the mirror one day and thought to myself “Is this what you want?” A very broad searching question that recognized that at that point I was going nowhere. Just going through motions. Barely living. I hated myself. There is no better way to put it. The hate fed into itself and told me that there was no way for me to come out of it. I was drowning and I didn’t want to so the answer I gave myself was “No.” I wasn’t living my life the way I wanted to. If I was going to make something of myself, I had to take action. That decision was one of the best decisions I had never made.

As part of that change toward positive action, I downloaded Habitica. It made me accountable. I enjoyed it. I liked the little pets and the idea of my actions leveling me up and gaining more skills. It’s a fun and enjoyable app. It brought me through a hard time. It helped me figure out how to achieve all my goals for the day every day.

However, my life has changed in a new way. I no longer need to keep continuous track of every action I take during the day. I have learned what my priorities are. I have learned how to make sure my main goals are complete. In a lot of ways spending time on Habitica now takes away from my time doing the things it’s helped me to keep track of. Plus, now I have a completely different mindset. I can keep myself doing what I need to on my own. I don’t really need Habitica anymore.

I have three different writing priorities and when I get that done I do as I please. Recently I barely use habitica at all and I think now is the time to say goodbye. I am so grateful for the impact this app had on me. It helped me figure out how I wanted to take action. Now, I want to let myself go on my own for a while. Do things more comfortably. I am more in tune with myself then I have been in a long time.

It’s a big thing because it means I am now comfortable enough with myself, with what I accomplish each day, to know that it is possible to give time for everything. So much so that I don’t feel guilty if I choose to relax a little. Most days, I’m too drawn to write anyway that it happens almost on its own. Plus I have fun doing it. I have fun writing my blog posts. In every aspect of my life I am so much happier.

So for now I say goodbye, but hello to a new day. New chances to continue writing as I like. Time for enjoyment as much as hard work. Because I had forgotten that in life you can have both. You can have a chance at all you dream of. I’m letting myself take whatever paths I so choose, and you know what? I’m going to have a blast doing it!

Thanks for reading! Let me know your thoughts down in the comments below.

-Till next time!

Huge Life Update: Blogging, Writing, and All the Things!

Ever since I got a job a couple months back things have been changing and I am still trying to balance everything that I want to do in my life on a daily bases.

First and foremost, the blog:

I have been reading a ton lately because I have been keeping up with my challenge to read a book a day and as proud as I am my. Blog has become a swamp of review after review and as much as I love writing reviews that is not what this blog is all about and I am going to make sure things start going back to where I want them to be. Plus, I have not been remotely as envolver in the blogging community as I want to be and I am going to work on changing that as well.

So my new proposed blogging schedule is this:

In the morning: Reviews (Whatever I read the day before gets reviewed the next day in the morning)

At Night: Random posts that could be anything: writing, discussions, poetry, top ten posts, inspirational posts, Interviews, tags and anything that I feel like posting about at the time. These are the kinds of posts that were at the heart of my blog The Book Raven not too long ago and I miss the spontaneity of it.

Any time I can: checking out other bloggers posts, commenting, and generally supporting the community that I love. I don’t do nearly enough of this and I miss it dearly.

Health wise:

I am just starting to exercise again and I want to make it a morning habit. If I can commit to even 3 times a week I will be happier for it. I have been starting to gain a little weight and i want to feel healthier and stronger then ever before.

Language learning:

I want to do my best to devote some time everyday to learning a language other then my own. I hate only knowing English fluently and I want to expand my knowledge. First and foremost I wish to become fluent in Spanish (which I should already be fluent in already) and I also want to have at least a working understanding of Japanese (I watch enough anime that the culture is utterly fascinating to me and I really want to travel there someday)

And most importantly, Writing:

My dream for myself is to become and author and write books that I can be proud of. I want to write something inspiring and full of hope and everything that I am. I want to write many books and I dream of being a published author. However, I do not write nearly as much as I should be (most of the time, other then blog posts, not at all) but I am slowly starting to change that. I have a book idea for something that I can’t wait to flesh out (which sits right now at about 4,000 words) and recently the ideas for it have been soaring and it has started to become something I would be dying to read if I saw it on my shelves.

So in order to motivate myself (and make it so that my time is stretched towards some sort of robotic efficiency) I am joining in on Nanowrimo this year. That’s right, the thing that I’ve tried and failed in Camp and the real deal probably over ten times now. I’m going for it one more time. Every time I say I am going to win this time I believe I will (something I say every time I try this but I digress). The book I will be writing is a Sci-fi novel I have talked about before on the blog, but since the ideas inception I have chosen a completely new direction for the novel and I gotta say I am really proud of it already. I am going to try not to talk about it too much till it is complete, but I know that drafting it is going to be a huge mess, but a ton of fun. (Plus the truth is I am terrified of writing it, but now that I’ve been plotting it and getting ideas for it for the past two months or so, I feel like it’s time to really put words on the page).

Anyway, my biggest challenge for all my goals in managing my time and writing 2,000 words, reading a book a day, writing blog posts, exercising, working, and learning Spanish and Japanese on a daily bases sounds almost impossible, but a majority of these things I’ve already been managing from day to day, so I wanna see if I can make all these this a reality for a better me, mentally, physically, and in a lot of ways spiritually.

Thanks for reading! What are your goals and aspirations? Is there something you want to do daily for a better you?

-Till next time!