Love Trumps HateĀ 

This is the world we live in

Full of lives 

Full of ideas 

Full of mothers and fathers 

Children and teachers 

Millions of people 

Joined together today

To share their voice 

To take each other’s hand 

To walk together 

Against the ideals of one man 

It was a walk against Hate 

A walk to celebrate diversity

To show we are here for one another 

As much as we can be 

It was a beautiful day 

Opening the door for many more

For us to continue to work together 

I am excited for what’s in store

It was a fight for all races 

A fight for total equality

A fight to show we will not rest

Until all people can go on peacefully 

Until the world is filled with unity

Acceptance for all

We must not wallow in despair 

We must be vocal

We must stand tall 

In this world 

We have one common uniter 

The love we share with one another 

A true compassion for our fellow people 

We must never forget 

What was fought for on this day

Because love trumps hate 

No matter what century or place

I am awed and inspired by the sheer numbers of people that protested for their beliefs today. My one regret is that I could not personally attend, and so this post is my thank you to all who did. I felt tears in my eyes as I looked at countless photographs and heard the many speeches of those who joined the march. I have never been prouder of humanity, this fight gives me so much hope. There is work yet to be done, and this is only a beginning. I can’t wait to see the beauty of what this future will bring. 

Thank you for reading. Let me know your thoughts in the comments. 

-Till next time!

I Owe my Heart to Poetry

There are times when my heart was bleeding 

I never knew where to find my peace 

I felt like I wasn’t seen 

I felt like I could barely breathe 

The way people saw me like I wasn’t even there 

Like the words I spoke didn’t matter 

Misplaced breath 

Misplaced air 

People said things that were a waste 

He said, she said was never important to me 

I was always quiet 

Always listening 

Waiting to find words holding a bit of meaning

I found my cross within poetry

My guiding light 

My hopeful verse 

There is freedom in the truth of it

Words sparking hope within my soul

They became my preacher

Showed me where I was always meant to go

I was once lost with no place for me

I once thought no one could understand my dreams 

But this poetry saved my life

The people shouting into a void 

Found my ears 

Gave me my life

I finally have my solidarity

People who understand my words 

Who celebrate me for me

Poets are preachers to my very soul 

They gave me a purpose 

I am no longer invisible

Thank you all for reading. I hope you enjoyed this poem. Let me know your thoughts, I would love to hear what you all think. 

-Till next time!