A Letter To God 

Dear God, 

Today is Thanksgiving day here in America. As I am sure you are aware. I wanted to take some time to give thanks to you, for creating this crazy world. For guiding me and giving me the will to try my best. 

This is one of the hardest things for me to write, but I feel like it is necessary. You have given me so much love and respect and I wanted to give some back to you. 

This year has been crazy. Mixed with the good, the bad, and the awful, but I promise to do my best to be better and do a little good. To form my small little rebellion against the bad. 

I am so sorry to you and all around me for any wrong I may have committed. I ask for forgiveness. 

God, there has been so much anger and hatred in this world. I ask for the strength to fight back against hate and for extra guidance when I don’t quite know what to do. 

I’m so thankful, God. For my family. For the roof over my head. The bed I get to sleep in. The food I get to eat. The people that I have met. The ability to write. For books. For running water, heat, and utilities. I pray for those who do not have these things to be blessed with extra heat, a warm meal, a bath, warm clothes, and a compassionate heart to spend a little time with them. 

I am so thankful for this life. I love you, God. Thank you for being my light in the dark. 

Good night!

I Confess…

I confess… 

1. I am wholeheartedly obsessed with books. 

I love to read books. I love to write books. I love to talk about book. I love everything and anything having to do with…Doctor W(Wrong confession) books!

2. Spoilers fall off me like a water droplet off a leaf.

I have been spoiled many a time about the ending of a book, but when I end up reading it, the spoiler becomes a forgotten daydream and the story comes together in such a different way then I imagined to the point where spoilers don’t bother me anymore.

3. I love to hate characters (more then I should)

Sometimes when I read a story I will hate a certain character with a passion, but as the story keeps going, even if I wish that character would die, I am exteremly happy they are there. Hated characters add a certain flavor to a story, even if that character was never intended to be hated. 

4. I will rarely dislike a book I have read 

A majority of the books I have read, I have loved. No matter the book, I generally look at the positives and mostly ignore the negatives as much as possible. There are a small group of books that are the exception, but generally, I think of how hard an author must have worked to write a story and in the end I just get so lost in a book that it doesn’t matter if there was a minor thing I didn’t like. 

5. I often don’t mind if a book is poorly written

This often goes for wattpad where a lot of books are written by first time authors. I will often notice a spelling or grammar mistake and read on by like I never saw it, because I am enjoying a story so much. I love the content of a story. Minimal errors don’t really bother me. 

6. I have major bookshelf envy

When I go on Instagram and I see the sheer number of bookstagramers that have amazingly large beautiful book shelves piled sky high with books, I want to cry a little from jealousy. My only solice is the fact that I have a lifetime to grow and read as many books as I could ever want. My library grows everyday. 
What bookish confessions are you willing to let out?

What story’s irk you?

What about a story makes you so excited you can’t stand it? 

What do you love about books? 

-Till next time!