Huge Life Update: Blogging, Writing, and All the Things!

Ever since I got a job a couple months back things have been changing and I am still trying to balance everything that I want to do in my life on a daily bases.

First and foremost, the blog:

I have been reading a ton lately because I have been keeping up with my challenge to read a book a day and as proud as I am my. Blog has become a swamp of review after review and as much as I love writing reviews that is not what this blog is all about and I am going to make sure things start going back to where I want them to be. Plus, I have not been remotely as envolver in the blogging community as I want to be and I am going to work on changing that as well.

So my new proposed blogging schedule is this:

In the morning: Reviews (Whatever I read the day before gets reviewed the next day in the morning)

At Night: Random posts that could be anything: writing, discussions, poetry, top ten posts, inspirational posts, Interviews, tags and anything that I feel like posting about at the time. These are the kinds of posts that were at the heart of my blog The Book Raven not too long ago and I miss the spontaneity of it.

Any time I can: checking out other bloggers posts, commenting, and generally supporting the community that I love. I don’t do nearly enough of this and I miss it dearly.

Health wise:

I am just starting to exercise again and I want to make it a morning habit. If I can commit to even 3 times a week I will be happier for it. I have been starting to gain a little weight and i want to feel healthier and stronger then ever before.

Language learning:

I want to do my best to devote some time everyday to learning a language other then my own. I hate only knowing English fluently and I want to expand my knowledge. First and foremost I wish to become fluent in Spanish (which I should already be fluent in already) and I also want to have at least a working understanding of Japanese (I watch enough anime that the culture is utterly fascinating to me and I really want to travel there someday)

And most importantly, Writing:

My dream for myself is to become and author and write books that I can be proud of. I want to write something inspiring and full of hope and everything that I am. I want to write many books and I dream of being a published author. However, I do not write nearly as much as I should be (most of the time, other then blog posts, not at all) but I am slowly starting to change that. I have a book idea for something that I can’t wait to flesh out (which sits right now at about 4,000 words) and recently the ideas for it have been soaring and it has started to become something I would be dying to read if I saw it on my shelves.

So in order to motivate myself (and make it so that my time is stretched towards some sort of robotic efficiency) I am joining in on Nanowrimo this year. That’s right, the thing that I’ve tried and failed in Camp and the real deal probably over ten times now. I’m going for it one more time. Every time I say I am going to win this time I believe I will (something I say every time I try this but I digress). The book I will be writing is a Sci-fi novel I have talked about before on the blog, but since the ideas inception I have chosen a completely new direction for the novel and I gotta say I am really proud of it already. I am going to try not to talk about it too much till it is complete, but I know that drafting it is going to be a huge mess, but a ton of fun. (Plus the truth is I am terrified of writing it, but now that I’ve been plotting it and getting ideas for it for the past two months or so, I feel like it’s time to really put words on the page).

Anyway, my biggest challenge for all my goals in managing my time and writing 2,000 words, reading a book a day, writing blog posts, exercising, working, and learning Spanish and Japanese on a daily bases sounds almost impossible, but a majority of these things I’ve already been managing from day to day, so I wanna see if I can make all these this a reality for a better me, mentally, physically, and in a lot of ways spiritually.

Thanks for reading! What are your goals and aspirations? Is there something you want to do daily for a better you?

-Till next time!

Life Update: Healing from an Issue not Commonly Discussed 

Over the course of my short life of 18 years walking this earth I have struggled with various issues with myself that I normally don’t talk about, but there is one issue that has progressed extremely negatively in recent years and that is my use of nasal sprays. 

I know, I know, your thinking what the heck? How is that even a thing, but I’m here to tell you that it’s gotten to the point that for over a year I could not breath through my nose without spraying it every few hours or so every single day. Another thing you might be thinking is why is this such a big deal? 

Well, for starters needing to use nasal spray in public is an extremely embarrassing thing for me. Sticking a spray up my nose and inhaling like some sort of drug addict always made me feel super self-conscious and all the while while the spray was a temporary solution it was doing major damage to my health (at least for where congestion is concerned). My nose has adapted to the ingredients in the spray so well that when I take it I rarely even get fully decongested any more and I’m constantly blowing my nose and sniffiling and that’s a whole other sort of embarrassment. 

Every time I pick up that spray bottle I see a future with me never being able to live without it and thinking that way is making it so it’s harder and harder for me to be able to live life to the fullest. So, I did a bunch of research on it and the only way for me to cut the dependency fully is to quit cold turkey. (There are a few other methods, but I find that this is what would work best for me). So this morning I took my last dose of spray and I’m finally going to quit using the spray for good. 

From my research this process will take anywhere from about a few days to a few weeks before I can heal fully and breathe normally again and right now I can’t breathe at all. The hardest part is going to be getting through the anxiety of not being able to breathe which was the monster that drove me to my dependency in the first place. If I can push through this and start to feel healthier again it will be one of the biggest reliefs of my life. 

If you do ever have congestion issues please don’t use nasal drops. In the short term they are fantastic, but in the long run it can cause major issues to your health. 

Thank you for reading! I know this is a strange post, but after finding out how dangerous it was to use drops the way I have been using them I had to share. If I could help anyone with my story that may have this issue it would be a blessing. This is going to be a hellish few weeks, but in the end my future health is what is most important. 

-Till next time! 

Life Update: Today Was A Terrible Day

Today was a day that simply sucked. The past few months have been very up and down but never were at the level of today’s terribleness and I honestly don’t know what to do with myself after today. 

My life has always been a complicated one. I was born to a mother that couldn’t raise me, adopted by a grandmother on my dad’s side that frankly should have never been a mother, yet raised all my life from a baby to a family unrelated to me, but became the people who loved me and the ones I now call my God family, my true family. 

Over the past 18 years I have had more run-ins with my grandmother then I could count and I have never once had 10 minutes in her presence without her threatening or yelling at me. Our relationship was always nonexistent. I have lived with my God family all my life and have only ever visited my grandmother, but that’s never stopped her from finding ways to emotionally attack me. 

It sucks that I can’t say I’m suprised about what happened today. Supposedly someone stole the plates from my car but were caught and the police had the person arrested. The police took the plates to the station and my God family and I drove to go pick it up. Low and behold my grandmother was there (She had been calling and causing commotion all day) and she got in my God moms face yelled at her asked for the keys which my God mom gave to her and headed outside to where I was sitting in the car with my God dad reading a book. My grandmother (who also brought a long time friend with her and her friends children with her) proceeded to say she was going to take the car. When I got out of the car and she went in my face saying if I wasn’t going to speak to her for a minute, I choose not to anwer and my God family and I (my God mom and dad both elderly and my God sister) started a four hour journey to walk all the way home. (Even though my grandmother said she would drive us back there was no way we were not going to walk because if I went in that car there would be a yelling fest of the century and I was too angry to get in a car with someone that literally just took away the only car my God family and I had. (That would be like getting in the car with someone who just knifed you in the gut). 

Honestly, there is way way more to this story as it is also related to more then 18 years of being hurt by the same woman, but honestly I could write a book about my history and it would suck because this episode while the worst recently isn’t the worst of all time. 

I’m upset. I’m angry. I’m feeling emotionally drained and sad. I’m hurting and I fear that this is only the beginning of worse things. I generally try to post positivity on here, but this was such an insane thing that I needed to share or else risk emotional implosion. 

If you are religious your prayers are appreciated. If you are not your good will is also appreciated. However, the one thing I really need right now is happy thoughts. So send me a link to something that made you laugh or a picture of a cute animal or anything happy and animal related really. Knowing that I can still smile in the face of all this mess is a comfort to me and knowing that I’m smiling at something you have also smiled at is a true blessing and a comfort. 

Thank you all for taking the time to read this. I’m terribly sorry that this isn’t my usual positive Bookish post. I almost didn’t post anything at all, but I don’t think I could do that. This blog keeps me sane and your comments always make me smile. 

-Till next time.