Watching: Bojack Horseman: Season 6

So I watched season 6 a while ago and it’s taken me a while to get around to discussing the masterpiece that is the ending of the show.

From the very opening I was hooked and every episode beautifully lead into one of the most satisfying endings to a tv series I’ve seen in ages.

When I started watching I kept pausing to talk about it with my bf and it was basically me being in awe of how detailed the series is.

Pretty much everything I could say about the beginning I wrote just being super excited in the texts above.

I don’t really know how else to discuss the ending of this series other then saying just each and every episode was masterfully created. Honestly, I’m just going to say right now that nothing I can say about the show will be enough to do it justice so I’m just going to write about some of what I loved and leave you all with the thought to watch the show if you haven’t already. It’s incredible!

In season 6 Bojack becomes an acting professor and finds himself in a place of doing what he loves after being sober and out of rehab. I love this for Bojack. It’s a arc of hope and even though it doesn’t last. Even though the past comes back and Bojack must answer for it, it still was the beautiful and perfect thing that I know Bojack will remember in a good way for the rest of his life.

Holly Hawk goes to a college party and has an panic attack and a boy talks to her and she finds out one of the darkest things Bojack has done. after this her relationship with Bojack strains and she distances herself from him. The person Bojack actually values before himself is the one person who shows that she values herself before him.

In diane’s life she finds happiness with a guy named “Guy”. He encourages her to do what she needs to to get her depression under control. Tells her that it’s ok to write something fun if she wants. I think it’s finally the kind of relationship she deserves.

Then there’s Princess Caroline and just thinking about writing about her brought tears to my eyes. She’s my favorite character and she got the best ending and she deserved it so much. She got a man that’s amazing for her. A child to care for. She runs her own empire and she’s just incredible and after everything she’s been through and how she responded in every moment she so deserved it. She’s a queen. I’m so happy for all she comes to enjoy in season 6.

Mr. peanutbutter becomes the face of depression. His relationship with his girlfriend ends and he finds himself alone for the first time in his life. It’s one thing he never learned how to be and somehow it all oddly fits for him.

Todd finds himself taking care of Princess Caroline’s child and somehow everything he does ends up working out. His friendship with Bojack May never be repaired, but he’s living a happy life of his own and I love that for him.

The second to last episode is Bojack’s fever dream near-death experience. It’s a trip. It’s one of the most hard hitting episodes in the whole series and I felt semi ok only because I knew it wasn’t his death. That whole episode like the rest of Bojack could have a post all it’s own.

Then the ending. This perfect sorta awkward moment of wondering what’s next. There is so so much between these two. Diane spent a lot of time writing about Bojack. There looked like there was so much more they could have said in those last moments and yet really there wasn’t anything left to say. It was time to move on. It’s hard to write about without tears welling up. It was beautiful.

Bojack Horseman is such a beautiful show. I know it’s something I’ll rewatch and always think about as one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. It shows horrible things, but also give a sense of accountability. It’s depressing, but also hopeful. Every piece of it means something. I adore it.

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Watching: Marvel’s Runaways: Season 1

Runaways is a really great teen tv show following a group of friends who find out their parents are not at all who they believed them to be.

What interests me most about the dynamics of this show is the idea of the parental and child relationship that each of them has that is never broken in spite of any of the transgressions on both sides. All the parents here have done absolutely awful things, but they still have this something about them that is redeemable. Especially with some of the parents more then others.

Especially Victor Stein who is the father of Chase and is an abusive asshole. Yet the show showcases unhealthy relationships in a way that doesn’t glorify them while showing real cycles of abuse that play off in abusive relationships in real life. I really enjoy a show that does that. Shows morality and immorality in a way that is clear, but also glorifies neither.

Then there is the casual relationships that happen between the characters that show them discovering the kind of people they are and who they want to be with.

The is especially apparent with Nico who spends half of the show dating Alex:

Then discovering that he wasn’t quite what she wanted and exploring a new relationship with Karolina after she expresses her feelings for her.

Life and love is a fluid thing and I really like seeing that fluidity expressed in a matter of a fact way throughout the show.

As far as the powers go my favorite was by far Gerts! Having a Dino that listens to you and is your constant companion is so cool! Also the fact that they call her Dino an emotional support Dino for her anxiety is so beautiful!

I love that it’s that Gert is a person first and she happens to deal with anxiety. No one in life is there mental health issue or disability. Everyone is themselves first and foremost. I love this characterized in a marvel tv show.

But I love that we also have a character that is a part of the group that doesn’t have a specific power. Alex is a leader that doesn’t have any powers, but that doesn’t make anyone respect or love him any less.

All in all, Runaways is a great tv show that showcases diverse characters in a very well represented way living their lives and navigating school, love, and saving the world from their parents. It’s complicated and well-written. I loved the first season and I can’t wait to watch season 2!

Thank you all for reading! Let me know your thoughts down in the comments below!

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Watching: The Boys!!!!

I don’t want to talk too much in depth about this show because it is still pretty new and I don’t want to spoil any of it.

An overview of ‘The Boys’ describes it like this:

“Superheroes are often as popular as celebrities, as influential as politicians, and sometimes even as revered as gods. But that’s when they’re using their powers for good. What happens when the heroes go rogue and start abusing their powers? When it’s the powerless against the super powerful, the Boys head out on a heroic quest to expose the truth about the Seven and Vought, the multibillion-dollar conglomerate that manages the superheroes and covers up their dirty secrets. Based on the comic book series of the same name.”

Honestly, that’s just the basics of what ‘The Boys’ is. However, it is just enough to get you watching without fully knowing the chaos your about to get yourself into.

The Boys is intense. It’s pretty graphically violent and not at all family friendly in any way. In a similar way to how GOT is not at all family friendly.

However, it has a lot of good political commentary. Some intense depth with all of the characters. As well as some really interesting twists and turns. I don’t think I have a favorite character for the first time in my life, because everyone feels so real and has their own purpose and uniqueness and I cannot choose one person over another. Also, pretty much everyone feels almost equally bad as well. Except for Homelander, Homelander doesn’t even have a soul.

The Boys has this creepiness as well with many of the characters. There is more then a lot of questionable behavior. But, it also has a lot of grief motives on both sides and some interesting dynamics with characters like A-train that make you think about their morality in some interesting ways.

I won’t say more on this. Other then this show is really good and very timely. I’ve really enjoyed watching Season 1.

Thanks for reading! Let me know your thoughts down in the comments below.

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Watching: Good Omens Season 1

I had heard some great things about this show before getting the chance to watch it. I am so happy that I got the chance! It’s hilarious and witty in such an awesome way. It discusses religion in a way that is flamboyant and fun, I really enjoyed it!

The relationship between this angel and demon is so fun to watch. They play off each other so well and it’s beautiful really. My favorite part of the entire series was their relationship dynamic. Especially, the episode where they go through and talk about their friendship throughout the centuries and it was incredibly hilarious.

This is one of those shows that I could watch again and again. As per usual, I put on the first episode once more while writing this and I find it to be the most entertaining ways to write this post.

What I really love about the show is all the stylistic choices. Such as making the demons and angels so on the nose and slightly too literal to take them seriously.

I mean beelzebub has flies constantly around her and Crowley’s eyes are reptilian. On top of that the simplicity of all angels being represented in white and all demons in black add to how the show takes itself seriously enough to keep you continuously engaged, but in a way that isn’t serious at all and it adds to the hilarity.

What is also interesting is that both the angels and the demons seem to want to bring about the end of the world. You would think the angels would want to hold off as much as possible, but no, they seem to want to fight as badly as the demons do.

In the first episode Crowley becomes a Nanny:

This section is one of the reasons I could watch this show again and again. Especially, when he sings a lullaby to the kid about death and destruction and it’s so odd yet perfect that I can’t get it out of my head.

Also, Crowley yelling at his plants and threatening them if they don’t grow the way he wants him to. That part put the biggest smile on my face and I couldn’t stop laughing.

I’m not going to go into too much depth about this show because I’d love for everyone to watch it for themselves. It has so much substance to it and more then enough hilarious situations to lift your spirits in the darkest of your moods.

Thank you all for reading! Let me know your thoughts down in the comments below!

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What Penny Marshall Meant to Me

Penny Marshall: 1943-2018

Penny Marshall played Laverne on the hit tv sit-com Laverne and Shirley. This is where I know her best from. As a kid I grew up watching this light hearted fun little show that brought me a lot of real joy.

Laverne for me was an icon. You saw her with that huge L on her chest and you knew to expect some great comedy. I spent my time growing up and laughing thanks to this show. It was one of those go to shows that my mom owned on DVD and replayed like no tomorrow.

Take two girls just navigating life and trying to find love with many a hiccup along the way and you get something great. I think about the story as a whole now and it’s all pretty simple, but the friendship and the family of the show is what makes it special to me. I have images and scenes of Laverne and Shirley that will stick with me for the rest of my life.

The two together were a gem. I wish Penny Marshall the most warm farewell and good tidings in the afterlife. She is an inspiration. I am grateful that she had a part in my life.

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My Top 10 Favorite Horror Movies

I’m in a really fantastic mood right now. It’s spooky month and I am so ready to live my best life watching some spooky movies and play throughs of horror games. One thing that surprises a lot of people when I mention this after getting to know me is that I ADORE horror movies and the whole genre in general. I love spooky shows, and spooky books, and going to six flags horror nights (when I have the chance). It’s something that I live for.

So I am so excited to share with you all my top 10 horror movies in no particular order:

1. Mama

So this is my favorite horror movie. I know I said no particular order, but I had to mention Mama first. I love it for so many reasons. It’s a family movie. I don’t mean it’s not scary.. I just mean it’s about family. Two sisters being raised by a ghost found in the woods to be taken in by a family and followed closely by their ghost mom. This makes it sound weirder then it is. Actually this movie made me cry the first few times I watched it. It’s so good!

2. Get Out

This movie deserves all the applause it gets. It touches on so many interesting elements. At first I had no clue where it was going, but when all becomes revealed at the end.. it has one amazing ending. Plus, it has some elements of humor in it and in a horror I really appreciate that. It was tastefully done.

3. The Conjuring 2

Of the movies in The Conjuring Universe this is the one that will be playing in my house almost twice a month. It’s such a fun movie. The romantic elements are really sweet and then the actual story is interesting. I really love this one.

4. Veronica

This is a horror movie completely in Spanish. I could not find subtitles for it so it made me feel really good about my Spanish skill to realize I didn’t really need it. I love the visuals in this movie. I also love just in general how creepy and awesome it was. It was a horror movie done right. I really enjoyed it.

5. It

I honestly think they did a really good job with this adaption of ‘it’ it actually made me laugh? I love when horror makes me laugh. All I can think of is the image in my head of Pennywise and how awful it is. Very well done.

6. A Quiet Place

They did an AMAZING job with this movie. The way they played with sound was awesome. It actually impacted me emotionally. It made me think of so many things about what living in a world like that would be like. Plus it is another family movie.. and they dynamics of it were just so well done.

7. Carrie

This movie is a classic and most of the time I don’t like older films, but this movie was genuinely really good. It genuinely made me feel something and I cared about the characters. There is no other version of this I can accept out there.

8. The Lost Boys

Another classic.. for me I love this because I can hear the music in my head just by looking at the poster. It’s a really great movie. I just have so many memories of watching over and over with my sister and this one has to make this list.

9. The Amityville Horror

I’m showing the (2005) version with Ryan Reynolds because I love Ryan, but honestly.. most versions work here.. I’ve watched a ton of Amityville movies.. some terrible.. some great. I can’t really recall them all they all bleed together, but I can honestly say that the story of this house is one that will haunt the world into eternity.. this list wouldn’t be right without it.

10. The Ring (all of them)

I love the ring movies.. I love the imagery of something crawling out of your television screen and into real life. I love the video that started it all. I love all of it. It’s not the best in the world, but for me.. I really love it as a whole.

Honorable mentions:

11. The Grudge

I have to mention this movie.. it’s one of the first I actually forced myself to watch and I was hiding behind my hands disturbed. I watched it with my uncle and my cousins.. it’s one of the few memories I have with my uncle so it is still special to me.

12. It Follows

I finally watched this.. maybe two weeks ago. But an old friend of mine asked me and everyone else he knew to watch it (almost 2 years ago) and the entire time all I could think that the movie was so him in every way. It’s a good movie.. not my style, but 12 was always both of our favorite numbers and in a way.. watching this and talking about this feels like commemorating him and the impression he made on my life in a nice way. It just feels right.

13. The Boy

The Boy.. and Annabelle.. all the creepy dolls of horror.. I adore those movies. I have to mention them. The Boy was really well done and it’s on par with Annabelle as my favorites of this genre of horror.

Thanks for reading! What made me really happy was to realize that even though this list is long.. there are so many other movies I could have mentioned. I feel really good about myself.. like I am the horror junkie I proclaim myself to be. This puts me in the best mood ever for Halloween. I feel proud.

What are your favorite horror films?

Watching Atypical: Seasons 1 and 2

Over my short self-imposed celebration break. I watched this amazing show on Netflix called Atypical.

When I saw the banner for it. I knew I had to give it a shot!

Before I start talking about it, I do have to acknowledge that this is not a perfect representation of the life of someone who is autistic. I’ve read some great reviews that can tell you about some of the things that the show doesn’t get quite right. Here is one from New York Times and another from The Guardian.

I don’t pretend to know all that much about what it means to be autistic. I know that it affects everyone differently, much in the way that anyone can have completely different experiences with the same disability. However, for me watching this funny family drama with so much depth to it was simply an all around great experience for me.

I loved that it was light-hearted, but also very real at the same time. I loved that the biggest problems weren’t surrounding Sam’s condition, but related to the family as a whole. My favorite character by far was Sahid. Sam’s best friend and coworker at techtropolis gave the worst advice (that sometimes worked), was the biggest ladies man on the planet, and did whatever he could to help out his friend no matter what. Half the time the words that came out of his mouth were so ridiculous that I would shake my head and roll my eyes, but then there were other times where you could see how much he genuinely cares for Sam and he became the coolest person in the show for me.

I also really enjoyed the dad in this show. He doesn’t know how to connect with Sam and he wants to. The growing relationship between them was one of my favorite things to watch. In general, I really enjoyed how relationships were portrayed overall. I loved how they were all different and cared about each other in different ways.

Sam and his sister were always fun to watch interact. Sam’s sister clearly looks out for Sam, but she also messes with him and treats him mostly like a brother and sister would treat each other. Actually, I think Sam’s sister was one of the best developed characters. Her storyline was one of the most in depth and changing of all the characters and I really enjoyed watching how she approached the many challenges that she was presented with making her own choices no matter the consequences.

The mom too, made her own choices. Some really bad ones, but they were her own. The show does a really good job at making people human, dealing with internal issues and external conflict.

I must admit, there are some weird plot lines in this show. Sam falling in love with his therapist (who never returns that love) being one of them. That plot line was the one that made me cringe a little, but it made for some of the most dramatic and weird situations so I found it in myself to forgive it. I loved that especially once your into season 2 everyone had their own stories in it. There was more depth then ever in each of the characters. It was so much fun to see.

There are heartwarming moments, and laugh out loud moments, and moments where your heart sinks to the floor. It isn’t perfect by far, but I think it shows that there is an effort being made to go in the right direction. I fell in love with this show. I think many of you might feel the same.

Thanks for reading! Let me know your thoughts down in the comments below! What are some of your favorite shows?

-Till next time!